One Transistor Active Pixel Sensor with Tunnel FET

A tunneling field effect transistor for light detection, including a p-type region connected to a source terminal, a n-type region connected to a drain terminal, an intrinsic region located between the p-type region and the n-type region to form a P-I junction or an N-I junction with the n-type region or the p-type region, respectively, a first insulating layer and a first gate electrode, the first gate electrode covering a portion of the intrinsic region on one side, and a second insulating layer and a second gate electrode, the second insulating layer and the second gate electrode covering an entire other side of the intrinsic region opposite to the one side, wherein an area of the intrinsic region that is not covered by the first gate electrode forms a non-gated intrinsic area configured for light absorption.

Other identifiers:
EPO Family ID: 56975666
TTO: 6.1481

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