Feasibility study of a CO2-based system in NEST

The NEST building laboratory of Empa and Eawag is a modular research and innovation demonstrator where new technologies, materials and systems are tested, researched, honed and validated in realistic conditions. In the NEST concept, only the supporting structure is permanent and all the habitable units are interchangeable. Moreover, the site is hosting an energy research and technology transfer platform (ehub) aiming at optimizing energy management at district level and a demonstrator for future mobility working without fossil energy (move). Therefore, the NEST research platform seems to be an appropriate place for the implementation of a demonstrator of advanced 4th Generation District Heating and Cooling systems (4G-DHC). This study demonstrates the feasibility of a CO2-based district energy network in NEST. The report includes a concise project plan and budget positions for the concept, planning, installation and operation phase.

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