Method and Device for Implementing Laser Shock Peening or Warm Laser Shock Peening During Selective Laser Melting

A method for manufacturing an object including the steps of forming layers by adding successive layers of material to form the object by selective laser melting (SLM), and inducing plastic deformation and residual stress into solidified material of at least one of the successive layers of material to improve mechanical properties and a fatigue resistance of the object, wherein the plastic deformation and the residual stress are induced by a laser.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Verfahren und vorrichtung zur implementierung von laserschockstrahlen (lsp) oder warmem laserschockstrahlen (wlsp) beim selektiven laserschmelzen (slm) (fr) Procédé et dispositif d'application d'un martelage par choc laser (lsp) ou d'un martelage à chaud par choc laser (wlsp) lors de la fusion sélective par laser (slm) (en) Method and device for implementing laser shock peening (lsp) or warm laser shock peening (wlsp) during selective laser melting (slm)
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