A Looping-Delooping Adjunction For Topological Spaces

Every principal G-bundle over X is classified up to equivalence by a homotopy class X -> BG, where BG is the classifying space of G. On the other hand, for every nice topological space X Milnor constructed a strict model of its loop space (Omega) over tildeX, that is a group. Moreover, the morphisms of topological groups (Omega) over tildeX -> G generate all the G-bundles over X up to equivalence. In this paper, we show that the relation between Milnor's loop space and the classifying space functor is, in a precise sense, an adjoint pair between based spaces and topological groups in a homotopical context. This proof leads to a classification of principal bundles over a fixed space, that is dual to the classification of bundles with a fixed group. Such a result clarifies the deep relation that exists between the theory of bundles, the classifying space construction and the loop space, which are very important in topological K-theory, group cohomology, and homotopy theory.

Published in:
Homology Homotopy And Applications, 19, 1, 37-57
Somerville, Int Press Boston, Inc

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