Search for Heavy Right Handed Neutrinos at the FCC-ee

The Standard Model of particle physics is still lacking an understanding of the generation and nature of neutrino masses. A favorite theoretical scenario (the see-saw mechanism) is that both Dirac and Majorana mass terms are present, leading to the existence of heavy partners of the light neutrinos, presumably massive and nearly sterile. These heavy neutrinos can be searched for at high energy lepton colliders of very high luminosity, such as the Future electron-positron e(+)e(-) Circular Collider, FCC-ee (TLEP), presently studied within the Future Circular Collider design study at CERN, as a possible first step. A first look at sensitivities, both from neutrino counting and from direct search for heavy neutrino decay, are presented. The number of neutrinos N-nu should be measurable with a precision of Delta N-nu approximate to +/-(0.0004 - 0.0010), while the direct search appears very promising due to the long lifetime of heavy neutrinos for small mixing angles. A sensitivity down to a heavy-light mixing of vertical bar U vertical bar(2) similar or equal to 10(-12) is obtained, covering a large phase space for heavy neutrino masses between 10 and 80 GeV/c(2).

Published in:
Nuclear And Particle Physics Proceedings, 273, 1883-1890
Presented at:
37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP), Valencia, SPAIN, JUL 02-09, 2014
Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Bv

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