Conference paper

On-Board Vision-Based 3D Relative Localization System for Multiple Quadrotors

This work proposes a novel relative localization system, based on active markers and an on-board camera, for tracking multiple quadrotors in a limited field of view. The system extracts the 3D poses of the markers including one that, by pulsating at a predefined frequency, provides an unique platform ID. We discuss how the camera field of view can be explored in presence of multiple targets, and what are the conditions on the system visibility that lead to the establishment of bidirectional sensing between robots with similar sensing capabilities. A visibility analysis is conducted to show that the developed relative localization system meets such requirements, and a closed-loop experiment is used to validate its performance under these conditions. Finally, its performance is compared with other results from the literature, and a metric is established with the intent of mapping different design solutions, facilitating design choices in presence of different requirements.

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