Multi-physics modelling of a compliant humanoid robot

We present a multibody simulator being used for compliant humanoid robot modelling and report our reasoning for choosing the settings of the simulator's key features. First, we provide a study on how the numerical integration speed and accuracy depend on the coordinate representation of the multibody system. This choice is particularly critical for mechanisms with long serial chains (e.g. legs and arms). Our second contribution is a full electromechanical model of the inner dynamics of the compliant actuators embedded in the COMAN robot, since joints' compliance is needed for the robot safety and energy efficiency. Third, we discuss the different approaches for modelling contacts and selecting an appropriate contact library. The recommended solution is to couple our simulator with an open-source contact library offering both accurate and fast contact modelling. The simulator performances are assessed by two different tasks involving contacts: a bimanual manipulation task and a squatting tasks. The former shows reliability of the simulator. For the latter, we report a comparison between the robot behaviour as predicted by our simulation environment, and the real one.

Published in:
Multibody System Dynamics, 39, 1-2, 95-114
Presented at:
ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics, Univ Politecnica Catalunya, Barcelona Sch Ind Engn, Barcelona, SPAIN, JUN 29-JUL 02, 2015
Dordrecht, Springer

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