Steel-Concrete Connections by Adhesion, Interlocking, and Friction for Composite Bridges under Cyclic Loading

This paper deals with of a new type of steel-concrete connection for composite beams. The connection is an alternative solution for steel-concrete composite bridges suitable for prefabrication and fast erection. The composite action of the beam is established through an innovative shear connection using adhesion, interlocking, and friction. The resistance of the connection to longitudinal shear is based on the development of shear stresses in the confined interfaces that form the connection. The interfaces include a steel-cement grout interface and a rough concrete-cement grout interface. Confinement is provided by the reinforced concrete slab that encloses the connection. This study applies such a connection to composite bridges and investigates resistance to cyclic loadings using experimental tests. The paper presents the analysis of the test results and a design method to predict the connection fatigue resistance.

Bradford, M
Uy, B
Published in:
Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VII, 632-647
Presented at:
7th International Conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete, North Queensland, Australia, July 28-31, 2013
New York, ASCE

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