Plug-and-Play Model Predictive Control based on robust control invariant sets

We consider the problem of designing decentralized controllers for large-scale linear constrained systems composed by a number of interacting subsystems. As in (Riverso et al., 2013) (i) the design of local controllers requires limited transmission of information from other subsystems and (ii) the addition/removal of a subsystem triggers the design of local controllers for child subsystems only. These properties enable Plug-and-Play (PnP) operations, and we show how to perform them while preserving global stability of the origin and constraint satisfaction. We improve several aspects of the PnP design procedure proposed in (Riverso et al., 2013) and, using recent results in the computation of Robust Control Invariant (RCI) sets, we show that all critical steps in the design of a local controller can be solved through Linear Programming (LP). Finally, an application of the proposed design procedure to a large-scale mechanical system is presented.

Published in:
Automatica, 50, 2179-2186

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