Workshops of the Sixth International Brain–Computer Interface Meeting: brain–computer interfaces past, present, and future

The Sixth International Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Meeting was held May 30-June 3rd, 2016 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California, United States. The conference included 28 workshops covering topics in BCI and brain-machine interface research. Topics included BCI for specific populations or applications, advancing BCI research through use of specific signals or technological advances, and translational and commercial issues to bring both implanted and non-invasive BCIs to market. BCI research is growing and expanding in the breadth of its applications, the depth of knowledge it can produce, and the practical benefit it can provide both for those with physical impairments and the general public. Here we provide summaries of each workshop, illustrating the breadth and depth of BCI research and highlighting important issues and calls for action to support future research and development.

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Brain-Computer Interfaces, 4, 1-2, 3-36
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