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In the context of MOOCs, “With-me-ness” refers to the extent to which the learner succeeds in following the teacher, specifically in terms of looking at the area in the video that the teacher is explaining. In our previous works, we employed eye-tracking methods to quantify learners’ With-me-ness and showed that it is positively correlated with their learning gains. In this contribution, we describe a tool that is designed to improve With-me-ness by providing a visual aid superimposed on the video. The position of the visual aid is suggested by the teachers’ dialogue and deixis, and it is displayed when the learner’s With-me-ness is under the average value, which is computed from the other students’ gaze behavior. We report on a user-study that examines the effectiveness of the proposed tool. The results show that it significantly improves the learning gain and it significantly increases the extent to which the students follow the teacher. Finally, we demonstrate how With-me-ness can create a complete theoretical framework for conducting gaze based learning analytics in the context of MOOCs.