Method and wireless communication using unitary space-time signal constellations

Disclosed is a method for wireless signal transmission of signals from an array of two or more antennas, in which each signal to be transmitted is selected from a constellation of unitary space-time signals. Each unitary space-time signal is a unitary matrix, in which each column represents a respective antenna, each row represents a respective time interval, and each element represents a complex amplitude to be transmitted by a given antenna during a given time interval. In specific embodiments of the invention, the matrices of the signal constellation form a non-Abelian group having a positive diversity product, or a coset of such a group. In other embodiments, the signal constellation is a subset of such a group, and its multiplicative closure forms a finite non-Abelian group having a positive diversity product. In still other embodiments, the signal constellation is an extension of any of the preceding types of constellations, formed by adding one or more further elements that do not belong to and are not derived from the group or group subset.

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