What mobility for teenagers ? Mini-EV in the European legal context What legal constraint for mini-EV in Europe ?

Beyond norms and rules this topic aims to understand development perspectives for Mini-EVs in the future. That is approached according to three ways. Firstly, legal frame and evolution perspectives allow to analyses dynamics about electric vehicles development for public institutions. Secondly, electric vehicle and Mini-EV insertion in city shows how these kind of vehicle are take into account in town planning. To finish, the approach by safety and education allows to evaluate the level of information about electric vehicles for young people and then potential of use. The research is based on experts’ point of view about electric vehicles and Mini-EVs. According to objectives, a panel of 7 experts has been selected for in-depth interviews. They are specialized in the fields of vehicles regulations, European negotiation about transport, town planning, transport development and road safety. However, selected expert from European commission refused to participate in interview. Finally, 6 experts have been interviewed. The document is composed of four parts. The first is dedicated to methodological choices and the description of experts’ panel. The second part concerns legal evolution perspectives at European and national level from technical, regulation and political point of view. The third part explore constraints for Mini-EV insertion in the city. The last part is dedicated to safety and education perspectives.


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