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One-Pot Three-Component Synthesis of Vicinal Diamines via In Situ Aminal Formation and Carboamination

A synthesis of vicinal diamines via in situ aminal formation and carboamination of allyl amines is reported. Employing highly electron-poor trifluoromethyl aldimines in their stable hemiaminal form was key to enable both a fast and complete aminal formation as well as the palladium-catalyzed carboamination step. The conditions developed allow the introduction of a wide variety of alkynyl, vinyl, aryl, and hetereoaryl groups with complete regioselectivity and high diastereoselectivity. The reaction exhibits a high functional-group tolerance. Importantly, either nitrogen atom of the imidazolidine products can be selectively deprotected, while removal of the aminal tether can be achieved in a single step under mild conditions to reveal the free diamine. We expect that this work will promote the further use of mixed aminal tethers in organic synthesis.


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