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An agonist-antagonist pitch production model

Prosody is a phenomenon that is crucial for numerous fields of speech research, accenting the importance of having a robust prosody model. A class of intonation models based on the physiology of pitch pro- duction are especially attractive for their inherent multilingual support. These models rely on an accurate model of muscle activation. Tradi- tionally they have used the 2nd order spring-damper-mass (SDM) mus- cle model. However, recent research has shown that the SDM model is not sufficient for adequate modelling of the muscle dynamics. The 3rd order Hill type model offers a more accurate representation of mus- cle dynamics, but it has been shown to be underdamped when using physiologically plausible muscle parameters. In this paper we propose an agonist-antagonist pitch production (A2P2) model that both validates and gives insight behind the improved results of using higher-order crit- ically damped system models in intonation modelling.


    • EPFL-CONF-222448

    Record created on 2016-10-19, modified on 2017-05-10

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