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On Privacy for RFID

Many wearable devices identify themselves in a pervasive way. But at the same time, people want to remain anonymous. Modeling anonymity and unlinkability in identification protocols is a delicate issue. In this paper, we revisit the privacy model from Asiacrypt 2007. We show how to achieve forward-privacy (in the V07 sense) using an IND-CCA secure cryptosystem with the PKC protocol. We review the impossibility result of strong privacy and the model extension from CANS 2012 to reach strong privacy (in the OV12 sense) using the PKC protocol with plaintext awareness. We also discuss on the simplified model from ESORICS 2011 and achieve strong-privacy (in the HPVP11 sense) using IND-CCA security only. Finally, we apply these results to add privacy protection in distance bounding protocols.


    • EPFL-CONF-222368

    Record created on 2016-10-18, modified on 2017-05-12

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