The four electron cyclotron (EC) upper port antennas (or "upper launchers" -UL) will be used to drive current locally inside magnetic islands located at the q= 2 (or smaller) rational surfaces in order to stabilize neoclassical tearing modes (NTMs), as well as heat inside of p of about 0.4. Each antenna consists of eight beam lines that are designed for the transmission of 1.5 MW of mm-wave power at 170 GHz. The First Confinement System (FCS) is formed by the ex-vessel mm-wave waveguide components, for which SIC-1 classification requirements apply. The beam lines in the FCS comprise a Z shaped set of straight corrugated waveguides with a nominal diameter of 50 mm connected by miter bends. This system is subjected to imposed displacements coming mainly from the thermal expansion of the vacuum vessel, seismic events and/or plasma disruption events. In absence of suitable SIC-1 waveguide bellows, the FCS waveguides must provide the necessary mechanical functional compliance. This has required the development of a dedicated, flange type coupling system with double metallic seals, capable of resisting the generated external loads while maintaining vacuum tightness and alignment. This paper presents the results of the design, analysis and pre-qualification experimental work done on the waveguides and the integrated SIC-1 compliant coupling system. (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.