Flight-Scheduling Optimization and Automation for AnadoluJet

AnadoluJet, a leading Turkish domestic airline carrier provides high-service, low-price flights to 28 locations within Turkey. Each winter and summer, AnadoluJet typically generates a new flight schedule. The company's primary scheduling concerns are aircraft fleet utilization and the waiting times of transfer passengers. Balancing the trade-off between these two criteria in a flight schedule is crucial for AnadoluJet's profitability. In this paper, we present the results of our study of AnadoluJet's flight-scheduling process. We provide a mathematical model that addresses this problem and then extend our studies and implement a heuristic algorithm for the development of a decision support system for the company. The objectives of the models we generated are to maximize fleet utilization, minimize waiting times for the majority of transfer passengers, and generate flight schedules subject to various constraints. The schedules that result from our models are superior to those that AnadoluJet's generated using its previous manual process. AnadoluJet currently uses our decision support system in its flight-scheduling process.

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Interfaces, 46, 4, 315-325

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