Student project

Solid-On-Liquid Technology for Suspended Microchannel Fabrication

In this project a new fabrication strategy for suspended microchannel resonators (SMRs) is described. SMRs are biosensing devices with the liquid flowing inside of them, allowing real time measurements of fluidic samples, while devices can be kept in dry environment. This project will investigate the use of Parylene C and Solid on Liquid Technology to facilitate SMRs fabrication process. More precisely, this report will cover two different processes. The first one based on a chemical trapping solution involving the use of a hydrophobic surface treatment. The second one based on the use of photoresist as a sacrificial material to define parylene microfluidic channel resonators. The results described in this project seeks to help the development of future processes in order to reduce the time and complications normally involved in the fabrication of SMRs.

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