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Kerr nonlinearity and dispersion characterization of core-pumped thulium-doped fiber at 2 μm

A nonlinear coefficient of 3.6–4.1 W−1 km−1 and group velocity dispersion of −20 ps2∕km of a commercial corepumped thulium-doped fiber have been evaluated using degenerate four-wave mixing at 2 μm. The anomalous dispersion behavior of the fiber has been confirmed by linear measurements with an all-fiber Mach–Zehnder interferometer (MZI). Additionally, no pump-induced dispersion changes due to excitation of Tm3 cations have been detected. These characteristics make these fibers attractive for pulsed fiber laser applications. A nonlinear polarization rotation mode-locked laser involving nonlinear polarization evolution directly in the doped fiber is demonstrated.

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