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Pressure dependence of the magnetization plateaus of SrCu2(BO3)(2)

We show that the critical fields of the magnetization plateaus of the Shastry-Sutherland model decrease significantly upon increasing the ratio of inter-to intradimer coupling and accordingly that the magnetization plateaus of SrCu2(BO3)(2) shift to lower field under pressure, making the first two plateaus at 1/8 and 2/15 potentially accessible to neutron scattering experiments. These conclusions are based on the derivation of an effective classical model of interacting pinwheel-shaped spin-2 bound states using a combination of perturbative and graph-based continuous unitary transformations, showing that pinwheel crystals are indeed the lowest-energy plateau structures at low magnetization and that a simple model of intermediate-range two-body repulsion between pinwheels is able to account quantitatively for the plateau sequence.


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