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Current-Induced Spin Polarization in Topological Insulator-Graphene Heterostructures

Further development of the field of all-electric spintronics requires the successful integration of spin transport channels with spin injector/generator elements. While with the advent of graphene and related 2D materials high performance spin channel materials are available, the use of nanostructured spin generators remains a major challenge. Especially promising for the latter purpose are 3D topological insulators, whose 2D surface states host massless Dirac Fermions with spin-momentum locking. Here, we demonstrate injection of spin-polarized current from a topological insulator into graphene, enabled by its intimate coupling to an ultrathin Bi2Te2Se nanoplatelet within a van der Waals epitaxial heterostructure. The spin switching signal, whose magnitude scales inversely with temperature, is detectable up to similar to 15 K. Our findings establish topological insulators as prospective future components of spintronic devices wherein spin manipulation is achieved by purely electrical means.


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