Fast 3D reconstruction method for differential phase contrast X-ray CT

We present a fast algorithm for fully 3D regularized X-ray tomography reconstruction for both traditional and differential phase contrast measurements. In many applications, it is critical to reduce the X-ray dose while producing high-quality reconstructions. Regularization is an excellent way to do this, but in the differential phase contrast case it is usually applied in a slice-by-slice manner. We propose using fully 3D regularization to improve the dose/quality trade-off beyond what is possible using slice-by-slice regularization. To make this computationally feasible, we show that the two computational bottlenecks of our iterative optimization process can be expressed as discrete convolutions; the resulting algorithms for computation of the X-ray adjoint and normal operator are fast and simple alternatives to regridding. We validate this algorithm on an analytical phantom as well as conventional CT and differential phase contrast measurements from two real objects. Compared to the slice-by-slice approach, our algorithm provides a more accurate reconstruction of the analytical phantom and better qualitative appearance on one of the two real datasets.

Published in:
Optics Express, 24, 13, 14564-14581
Washington, Optical Society of America

 Record created 2016-07-01, last modified 2018-10-07

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