Maintainable Online Classes

This project was initialized by Professor Prandoni from EPFL in the context of a bachelor project entitled "Maintainable Online Coursese". The motivations for this project was the lack of intuitive slideshow annotation software considering the current boom of online classes, most notably the MOOCs. One of the major limitations of current options are the fact that annotations and video tracks are interwoven, giving very little editing power after a recording has been done. Such editing could come in handy to correct mistakes or update a video lecture. In this application, we attempt to seperate out the two worlds of annotations and slide transitions(video) and experiement to see if such a setup could be beneficial to the workflow. In order to achieve this result, the approach has been to carefully and precisely register every slide transition and pen stroke timing, to then be able to succesfully replay the session but with full modularity when it comes to editing and modifications.

Prandoni, Paolo
The application is at a prototype stage. Several improvements can still be added.

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