Book Chapter

Information Systems for Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Maturity Models’ Characteristics

Nowadays, virtually all industries are impacted by the digitalization of business enabled by information and communication technologies. Consequently, it is a major challenge to any business to increase its ability to innovate through information systems. However the effort and the investments of companies are extremely varied, they do not have the same level of maturity with respect to their innovation strategy. While some highly mature use effective approaches, others still act as novices or use inadequate practices. The question raised in this paper is how to evaluate the level of maturity of an organization with respect to information systems based innovation. Also, the question concerns the identification of the salient features of ICT centred innovation maturity models. Taking these issues into account, the paper makes the following contributions: (i) a review of sixteen innovation maturity models collected from the research and the practitioners community, gathering facts about the models and about their effectiveness; (ii) a comparative analysis of these models.


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