Interactive shaping of forces

This paper discusses the interactive design exploration of static equilibria using constraint-based graphic statics. Constraint-based graphic statics is a computerized framework improving the construction, the control and the capabilities of classical graphic statics substantially. It allows the designer to shape any flow of forces interactively by means of successive purely graphical operations applied either on a diagram representing its form or on another diagram representing its vectorial equilibrium. The first chapter contextualizes the essential role of this tool by expressing a critique about contemporary structural CAD tools and the narrow design chronology they impose. The paper then briefly browses the various key concepts and operations of constraint-based graphic statics. The last chapter highlights the various capabilities and benefits of this tool through a case study. As a conclusion, the paper illustrates how this fully graphical approach breaks new ground in terms of design chronology (e.g. the parametric hierarchy can be freely reorganized), visual feedback and dynamic control over mechanical considerations.

Gerber, David
Huang, Alvin
Sanchez, Jose
Published in:
ACADIA 2013 Conference - Design Agency, 347-356
Presented at:
ACADIA 2014 Conference - Design Agency, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA, October 23-25, 2014
Los-Angeles, Riverside Architectural Press

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