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Pseudomonas entomophila: A Versatile Bacterium with Entomopathogenic Properties

Pseudomonas entomophila is unique among Pseudomonas species in being able to activate a systemic immune response in both Drosophila larvae and adults. It has been subsequently shown that oral infections with high doses of this bacterium are highly pathogenic to Drosophila and cause massive destruction of the Drosophila gut epithelium. Besides Drosophila, P. entomophila was able to kill other insects from at least three different orders, suggesting that it has a potentially wide host range and making it a promising model for the study of host pathogen interactions and for the development of bio-control agents against insect pests. In order to unravel the features contributing to P. entomophila’s pathogenic properties, its complete genome was sequenced and genetic screens were performed to identify virulence factors encoded by this bacterium. The aim of this chapter is to review the current knowledge we have on this bacterium with a particular focus on the pathogenesis it induces, its virulence effectors and their genetic regulation

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