Toxicity assessment of pollutants sorbed on microplastics using various bioassays on two fish cell lines

Microplastics are tiny plastic fragments resulted from runoff and weathering breakdown of larger plastics debris. They represent an emerging concern for marine ecosystems. Microplastics impacts on aquatic life are little studied. These small particles could be ingested directly by organisms and cause chronic physical and toxicological effects. Moreover, microplastics are the support for a lot of chemicals present in aquatic environment, especially hydrophobic substances. The aims of this study is to investigate toxicity of environmental microplastics samples collected during the Race for Water Odyssey in fish cell lines. A difference of sensitivity was observed between fish cell lines. Preliminary results obtained here support that RTLW-1 could be an interesting tool to evaluate the potential chemical toxicity of microplastics and sorbed pollutants. Toxicity of extracts from MP collected worldwide suggests a biological impact?


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