A new feed-forward control technique for a DC-DC step-up converter based on the asymmetric Multistage Stacked Boost Architecture (MSBA) is proposed. The devel-oped feed-forward controller directly handles the load current and the perturbations that may be caused by the dynamic operation of the converter. Thus, there is no time delay for estimating the error in a control process and therefore, both robust steady-state operation and high dynamic performance can be achieved. The asymmetric MSBA DC-DC converter is a single output high-voltage topology that embodies several in-series active voltage balancing circuits. Thus, there is a need for an improved balancing control method. This can be ac-complished by replacing the conventional Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers with feed-forward type and therefore improved balancing between the stages can be attained, be-cause the steady state errors are suppressed and the dynamic response can be enhanced. A thorough theoretical analysis is conducted for verifying the stability of the suggested feed-forward control technique in an asymmetric MSBA converter and selective simulation and experimental results are demon-strated in order to validate the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed control scheme.