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Effective-surface modeling of infinite periodic metascreens exhibiting the extraordinary transmission phenomenon

The consistent analysis of metallic screens perforated with subwavelength apertures of diverse geometrical patterns (metascreens) by means of a systematic methodology is presented in this paper. The principal concept of the new technique stems from the efficient characterization-via the use of effective surface parameters-of the metascreen's complementary array of scatterers (i.e., a metafilm) and the proper utilization of the Babinet duality principle. To this end, a previously developed model for metafilms is carefully extended (for normal plane wave incidence) in order to apply to frequencies where the extraordinary transmission phenomenon typically occurs. General-purpose analytical formulas for the reflection and transmission coefficients of an arbitrary metascreen are also derived as part of this generalized framework. Finally, the predictions for the extraordinary transmission spectra through various metascreens operating in the microwave regime, as obtained via two distinct realizations of the proposed formulation, are compared with the results of a commercial computational package in order to verify the precision of the developed technique and provide instructive physical insights. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America


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