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Latent motion spaces for full-body motion editing

We explore an approach to full-body motion edit- ing with linear motion models, prioritized constraint-based optimization and latent-space interpolation. By exploiting the mathematical connections between linear motion mod- els and prioritized inverse kinematics (PIK), we formulate and solve the motion editing problem as an optimization function whose differential structure is rich enough to effi- ciently optimize user-specified constraints within the latent motion space. Performing motion editing within latent mo- tion spaces has the advantage of handling pose transitions and consequently motion flow by construction from sin- gle key-frame editing. To handle motion adjustments from multiple key-frame and trajectory constraints, we developed a latent-space interpolation technique by exploiting spline functions. Such an approach handles per-frame adjustments generating smooth animations, while avoiding the compu- tational expense of joint space interpolations. We demon- strate the usefulness of this approach by editing and gen- erating full-body reaching and walking jump animations in challenging environment scenarios


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