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2.5 lambda microcavity InGaN light-emitting diodes fabricated by a selective dry-etch thinning process

The authors report on InGaN microcavity light-emitting diodes with an effective thickness of similar to 450 nm at the emission wavelength of similar to 415 nm. The starting material for the flip-chip laser lift-off device is a structure with an active region embedding six InGaN/GaN quantum wells, similar to 60-nm-thick AlGaN, and a GaN template grown on a c-plane sapphire substrate. High-precision control of the final microcavity thickness was facilitated by SF6-based selective inductively coupled plasma etching on the flipped material with an etch rate of >= 5:1 for GaN:AlxGa1-xN, where x >= 0.15. Pronounced microcavity effects were observed by angular measurements, in agreement with the theoretical cavity-mode dispersion characteristics. (c) 2007 American Institute of Physics.


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