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Two-photon imaging through a multimode fiber

In this work we demonstrate 3D imaging using two-photon excitation through a 20 cm long multimode optical fiber (MMF) of 350 mu m diameter. The imaging principle is similar to single photon fluorescence through a MMF, except that a focused femtosecond pulse is delivered and scanned over the sample. In our approach, focusing and scanning through the fiber is accomplished by digital phase conjugation using mode selection by time gating with an ultra-fast reference pulse. The excited two-photon emission is collected through the same fiber. We demonstrate depth sectioning by scanning the focused pulse in a 3D volume over a sample consisting of fluorescent beads suspended in a polymer. The achieved resolution is 1 mu m laterally and 15 mu m axially. Scanning is performed over an 80x80 mu m field of view. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of high-resolution three-dimensional imaging using two-photon fluorescence through a multimode fiber. (C) 2015 Optical Society of America


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