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Triazatruxene-Based Hole Transporting Materials for Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells

Four center symmetrical star-shaped hole transporting materials (HTMs) comprising planar triazatruxene core and electron-rich methoxy-engineered side arms have been synthesized and successfully employed in (FAPbI(3))(0.85)(MAPbBr(3))(0.15) perovskite solar cells. These HTMs are obtained from relatively cheap starting materials by adopting facile preparation procedure, without using expensive and complicated purification techniques. Developed compounds have suitable highest occupied molecular orbitals (HOMO) with respect to the valence band level of the perovskite, and time-resolved photoluminescence indicates that hole injection from the valence band of perovskite into the HOMO of triazatruxene-based HTMs is relatively more efficient as compared to that of well-studied spiro-OMeTAD. Remarkable power conversion efficiency over 18% was achieved using 5,10,15-trihexyl-3,8,13-tris (4-methoxyphenyl)-10,15-dihydro-5H-diindolo[3,2-a:3',2'-c]carbazole (KR131) with compositive perovsldte absorber. This result demonstrates triazatruxene-based compounds as a new class of HTM for the fabrication of highly efficient perovskite 4 solar cells.


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