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A simplified method for collapse capacity assessment of moment-resisting frame and shear wall structural systems

A simplified methodology for predicting the median and dispersion of collapse capacity of moment-resisting frame and shear wall structural systems subjected to seismic excitations is proposed. The method is based on nonlinear static (pushover) analysis. Simple mathematical models denoted as "generic structures" are utilized to model moment-resisting frames and shear walls. After examining a wide range of structural parameters of the generic structures, a comprehensive database of collapse fragilities and pushover curves (using ASCE 7-05 lateral load pattern) are generated. Based on the obtained pushover curves, closed-form equations for estimation of median and dispersion of building collapse fragility curves are developed using multivariate regression analysis. Comparing the estimates of the median collapse capacity calculated from the closed-form equations with the actual collapse capacities determined from nonlinear response-history analysis indicates that the simplified methodology is reliable. The effectiveness of this methodology for predicting the median collapse capacity of frame and wall structures is further demonstrated with two case studies of structural systems designed based on current seismic provisions. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.


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