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Two-dimensional polymer grating and prism on Bloch surface waves platform

A one-dimensional photonic crystal sustaining Bloch Surface Waves (BSWs) is used as a platform for two-dimensional integrated optics. The dielectric platform shows low loss, long propagation distance and high surface field enhancement. In order to study the potential of the platform for future photonic chips, polymer ultra-thin prisms and gratings (100 nm) are engineered on the top of the platform. This polymer layer modifies the BSWs effective index enabling a direct manipulation of light. The BSW deflection effects caused by surface prisms are observed in the near-field and Snells law is verified; then the BSW diffractions through surface gratings are experimentally and theoretically characterized. The results show a robust platform that can be used for integrated optics that includes different optical components. One of the main advantages is that these 2D photonic devices can have arbitrary shapes, which is difficult to obtain in 3D.

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