Universe and Matter conjectured as a 3-dimensional Lattice with Topological Singularities

One fundamental problem of modern physics is the search for a theory of everything able to explain the nature of space-time, what matter is and how matter interacts. There are various propositions, as Grand Unified Theory, Quantum Gravity, Supersymmetry, String and Superstring Theories, and M-Theory. However, none of them is able to consistently explain at the present and same time electromagnetism, relativity, gravitation, quantum physics and observed elementary particles. In this book, it is suggested that Universe could be a massive elastic 3D-lattice, and that fundamental building blocks of Ordinary Matter could consist of topological singularities of this lattice, namely diverse dislocation loops and disclination loops. For an isotropic elastic lattice obeying Newton’s law, with specific assumptions on its elastic properties, one obtains the result that the behaviours of this lattice and of its topological defects display “all” known physics, unifying electromagnetism, relativity, gravitation and quantum physics, and resolving some longstanding questions of modern cosmology and particle physics. Moreover, studying lattices with axial symmetries, representedby “colored” cubic 3D-lattices, one has identified a lattice structure whose topological defect loops coincide with the complex zoology of elementary particles, which could open a very promising field of research.

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