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Biphasic response of a tecto-mesencephalic pilocytic astrocytoma after Gamma Knife surgery A case report

Biphasic response (shrinkage-regrowth-shrinkage) of tumors has never previously been reported in the postoperative course, neither after microsurgery, nor after Gamma Knife surgery (GKS). We present the case of an adult with dorsal midbrain syndrome resulting from a pilocytic astrocytoma centered on the mesencephalic tectum. The tumor extended to the third ventricle and the thalamus. Initially, due to tumor growth, a biopsy was performed and histology established. Later, a ventriculocisternostomy for obstructive hydrocephalus was performed. Finally, GKS was performed, as the tumor continued to grow. After GKS, the lesion exhibited a biphasic response, with a major shrinkage at 3 months, regrowth within the target volume at 6 and 9 months and a second phase of important shrinkage at 12 months, which persisted for the next two years. The possible mechanisms for this particular response pattern are discussed. (C) 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.


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