Syllabic Pitch Tuning for Neutral-to-Emotional Voice Conversion

Prosody plays an important role in both identification and synthesis of emotionalized speech. Prosodic features like pitch are usually estimated and altered at a segmental level based on short windows of speech (where the signal is expected to be quasi-stationary). This results in a frame-wise change of acoustical parameters for synthesizing emotionalized speech. In order to convert a neutral speech to an emotional speech from the same user, it might be better to alter the pitch parameters at the suprasegmental level like at the syllable-level since the changes in the signal are more subtle and smooth. In this paper we aim to show that the pitch transformation in a neutral-to-emotional voice conversion system may result in a better speech quality output if the transformations are performed at the supra-segmental (syllable) level rather than a frame-level change. Subjective evaluation results are shown to demonstrate if the naturalness, speaker similarity and the emotion recognition tasks show any performance difference.


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