High Yield of GaAs Nanowire Arrays on Si Mediated by the Pinning and Contact Angle of Ga

GaAs nanowire arrays on Silicon offer great perspectives in the :optoeleetronics and solar cell industry. To fulfill this potential, gold-free growth in predetermined positions should be achieved. Ga-assisted growth of GaAs nano-wires in the form of array has been shown to be challenging and difficult to reproduce. In this work, we provide some of the key elements for obtaining a high yield of GaAs nanowires on patterned Si in a reproducible way: contact angle and pinning of the Ga droplet inside the apertures achieved by the modification of the surface properties of the nanoscale areas exposed to growth. As an example, an amorphous silicon layer between the crystalline substrate and the Oxide mask results in a contact angle around 90 degrees, leading to a high yield of vertical nanowires: Another example for tuning the Contact angle is anticipated, native oxide with controlled thickness. This work opens new perspectives for the rational and reproducible growth of GaAs nanowire arrays on silicon.

Published in:
Nano Letters, 15, 5, 2869-2874
Washington, American Chemical Society

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