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Today, there is a long-term trend towards bi-directional and flexible charger functions for not only drawing current from the grid but also feeding excess energy back into it. The Configurable Modular Multilevel Converter (CMMC) offers a large flexibility in order to handle the different voltage levels and current intensities in electric vehicle’s battery charging and discharging. Therefore, this paper is devoted to demonstrate the feasibility of the CMMC for Flexible Electric Vehicle (Flex-EV). It is a smart method to achieve a high power density and a compact power conversion for electric vehicles. The concept allows increasing the electric vehicle (EV) fault ride-through capabilities under damaged battery cells. It allows interfacing EV to worldwide charging infrastructures, meaning from standard household single phase socket to direct current (DC) ultra-fast charging stations. This concept is based on integration of the motor subsystem, the battery management subsystem as well as the universal and flexible charging subsystem. In fact, the power conversion consists of a modular multilevel converter (MMC) with split integrated storage (SIS) based on battery modules.