Reproduction of security documents and color images with metallic inks

The present invention discloses methods and systems for printing by superposing a metallic ink and transparent inks. These methods and systems are useful for color separating images into superpositions of a metallic ink and transparent inks both for design purposes and for the creation and authentication of security documents, such as banknotes, checks, diploma, corporate documents, passports, identity cards, credit cards, product labels, optical disks, CDs, DVDs, packages of medical drugs, cosmetics, and alcoholic drink bottles. By combining a metallic ink and transparent inks, one may create printed images behaving dynamically: an image viewed under specular reflection may be considerably different from the same image viewed under non-specular reflection. Patterns which are either dark or hidden become highlighted under specular reflection, yielding interesting visual effects. Metallic inks allow therefore to create visually appealing dynamically changing color images. In addition, the inversion effect provided by metallic inks allows to enhance microstructures present in the image or to reveal hidden patterns. Since these effects are lost in photocopied documents, the disclosed methods, systems and security documents offer a high security against counterfeiting attempts.

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