Piezoelectric micro-system for the active vibratory insulation of vibration sensitive components

Micro-system for active vibratory insulation, characterised in that it comprises a stand which includes a frame (1) and at least two beams (2a, 2b) which interlock and carry or are intended to carry an element requiring stabilisation (3), said beams (2a, 2b) carry at least one piezoelectric layer (4a, 4b, 4c) and electrodes which define different piezoelectric areas, at least two (4a, 4c) of which are piezoelectric measurement areas, sensitive to the distortions of the beam or beams which carry them, and at least one (4b) of which is a piezoelectric activation area, controlled as a function of the output signals of the piezoelectric measurement areas according to a stabilisation control law.

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