Method and Device for Removing Echo in an Audio Signal

Acoustic echo control and noise suppression is an important part of any "handsfree" telecommunication system, such as telephony or audio or video conferencing systems. Bandwidth and computational complexity constraints have prevented that stereo or multi-channel telecommunication systems have been widely applied. The advantages are very low complexity, high robustness, scalability to multi-channel audio without a need for loudspeaker signal distortion, and efficient integration of echo and noise control in the same algorithm. The proposed method for processing audio signals, comprises the steps of: -receiving an input signal, wherein the input signal is applied to a loudspeaker -receiving a microphone signal generated by a microphone -estimating the delay between the loudspeaker and the microphone signals and obtaining a delayed loudspeaker signal, -estimating a coloration correction values of the echo path on the delayed loudspeaker signal, -using information of the delayed loudspeaker signal, microphone signal, and coloration correction values to determine gain filter values, -apply the gain filter values to the microphone signal to remove the echo.

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