Haptic interface for simulator, such as a colonoscopy simulator

The device (1 ) comprises an endoscopic interface (2) with a guiding tube (4) for guiding an endoscope, said tube (4) being mounted on bearings (5) for free rotation and comprising windows for allowing a contact between said endoscope and friction rollers (7,8) for tracking the axial displacement of the endoscope and for imposing a linear force feedback on said endoscope, one of said friction rollers (8) being connected to a motor (12) for transmission of torque generated by said motor and the other of said friction rollers (7) being connected to an encoder (14) for the tracking of its axial displacement, said device further comprising an axial brake (20) for blocking the axial movement of the endoscope while allowing a rotation of the endoscope, said axial brake (20) comprising two pairs of brake rollers (21,22) being placed around said endoscope, one pair (22) being movable relatively to the other pair (21 ) for realizing said axial blocking. One of said friction rollers (7) is mounted on said tube via a lever (9) actuated by spring means (10) for allowing smooth insertion of endoscopes having different sizes and ensuring sufficient contact force on the endoscope of the rollers (21,22).


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