Distributed audio coding for wireless hearing aids

The aim of the invention is to provide inter-channel level differences ICLD related to audio signals for hearing aids. This aim is achieved by a method for computing ICLD from a first and second audio source signals, the first source signal being wired with a first processing module and the second source signal being wired with a second processing module, the second processing module receiving wirelessly information from the first processing module, this method comprising the steps of: acquiring first samples of the first sound signal by the first processing module, defining a first time frame, converting the first time frame into first frequency bands and grouping them into two first frequency sub-bands, calculating a first power estimate of each first frequency sub-bands, encoding and transmitting same to the second processing module, acquiring second samples of the second sound signal by the second processing module, defining a second time frame comprising acquired samples, converting same into second frequency bands, grouping them into two second frequency sub-bands, calculating a second power estimate of each second frequency sub-bands, receiving and decoding the encoded first power estimates, computing for each frequency sub-band, an ICLD by subtracting the first decoded power estimates and the second power estimates.

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