Method for wireless transmission between two electroacoustic transducers, and device for carrying out said method

The invention relates to a method and a device for wireless transmission between at least one first transducer (T1) arranged in a first location and at least one second transducer (T2) arranged in a second location remote from the first location without using radio waves. Since the two transducers (T1, T2) are electroacoustic transducers, acoustic waves (W) are generated in the first transducer (T1), said acoustic waves are emitted in the direction of the second transducer (T2), the acoustic waves are captured in the second transducer (T2), and the acoustic waves received in the second transducer (T2) are converted at least in part into electrical energy. Said electrical energy is stored in a storage element (M) of the transducer (T2) and can be used for processing information by means of a processing device (P) and transmitting said information to the first transducer (T1) using modulated reflected acoustic waves (WR).


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