Ferroelectric tunnel fet switch and memory

A Ferroelectric tunnel FET switch as ultra-steep (abrupt) switch with subthreshold swing better than the MOSFET limit of 60 mV/decade at room temperature combining two key principles: ferroelectric gate stack and band-to-band tunneling in gated p-i-n junction, wherein the ferroelectric material included in the gate stack creates, due to dipole polarization with increasing gate voltage, a positive feedback in the capacitive coupling that controls the band-to-band (BTB) tunneling at the source junction of a silicon p-i-n reversed bias structure, wherein the combined effect of BTB tunneling and ferroelectric negative capacitance offers more abrupt off-on and on-off transitions in the present proposed Ferroelectric tunnel FET than for any reported tunnel FET or any reported ferroelectric FET.


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