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Generalized radiation boundary conditions in gyrotron oscillator modeling

A numerical procedure to implement a frequency-independent generalized non-reflecting radiation boundary conditions, GNRBC, based on the Laplace Transform, is described in details and tested successfully on a simple 2 frequency test problem. In the case of non-stationary regimes occurring in gyrotron oscillators, it is shown that the reflection at frequencies significantly separated from the carrier frequency can be effectively suppressed by this method. A detailed analysis shows that this numerical approach can be consistently used only for models in which there is no assumed separation of time scales between the RF field envelope time-evolution and the electron time of flight across the interaction region. The GNRBC has been implemented in a nonlinear time-dependent self-consistent monomode model, TWANGpic, in which there is no time scale separation since the RF field envelope is updated at each integration time step of the electron motion. The illustration of the effectiveness of the GNRBC is made with TWANGpic on a gyrotron for which extensive theoretical and experimental results have been performed.


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