In this work we describe the realization of monometallic nanostructures by two simple electrodeposition steps. The surface of the modified electrode was characterized by scanning electron microscopy that confirms a homogeneous deposition of Pt nanospheres decorated with Pt nanoflowers. The so obtained nanostructured sensor exhibited good amperometric response towards hydrogen peroxide sensing at +0.30 V vs Ag|AgCl|Cl-. Therefore, it is especially useful toward glucose detection with reduced interferences. Glucose oxidase was immobilized onto the nanostructured surface by cross-linking with glutaraldehyde and the biosensor was characterized by chronoamperometric method in phosphate buffer. The biosensor showed a sensitivity of 29 ± 2 μA/(mM cm2). Measurements in cell media reveal that the Pt-Pt hybrid nanostructures are promising for real-time glucose monitoring in real biosample.